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Faithful January 19, 2019


God is always Faithful!

I am always Faithful!

I live by Faith and not by sight!

I am Faithful in my friendships, kinships and all other relationships!

I am a woman of Faith!

Hope in God January 20, 2019


My hope is in God!

God provides for all of my needs!

I do not worry about the things I cannot control! 

I have enough grace to get through this day!

I live one day at a time, tomorrow is not promised!

I love and trust God with all of my heart!

January 21, 2019


January 22, 2019


January 23, 2019


January 24, 2019


Servant of God January 13, 2019


  I know that God is real because I continuously experience His grace and mercies!

I forgive myself and others!

I am thankful to have a heart and mind to serve  God!

I get joy from serving others!

All is well January 14, 2019


I feel good!

God is my refuge!

I have Peace and tranquility!

I cast all my cares on the Lord!

I surrender my heart to God!

I am not worried about anything!

I am filled with Faith, Hope and Love!

Old things have passed away and greatness are in store for me!

Fear God and Be Happy January 15, 2019


I am a God-fearing woman and I am Happy!

My Joy comes from God, not money, things or the thoughts of people!

It brings me Joy to be of service to others!

Grace, Mercy, Peace, Love and Joy abound me!

YoungStrong&Sweet January 16, 2019


I am fearfully and wonderfully made!

I am beautiful because of the love I have in my heart for God!

I am an overcomer!

I am not my conditions, circumstances or situations!

I am a Fearless Fighter with weapons o of Faith, Hope and Love!

Beauty January 17, 2019


I am most Beautiful when I am radiating love!

My Beauty can be seen best througy my character!

Beauty is in all things God created!

Beauty is not in what you see, but is a reflection of who you be!

Change January 18, 2019


I am able to Change!

I want to Change!

I am willing to Change!

I am going to change!

I accept Change!

I bring Change!

I Am Change!

Contentment January 7, 2019


I am Thankful!

I have Peace!

I have Joy!

All is Well!

My Best is yet to come!

My life is only getting better!

Peace - January 8, 2019


I am not anxious about anything!

I am prayerful and thankful for all things!

I have peace that passes all human understanding!

All things work for my good!

God is my healer and provider!

I am higly favored!

Today is the the day that the Lord has made and I shall rejoice and be glad in it!

Dreams and Desires January 9, 2019


I Desire to serve God in mind, body and spirit.

I Desire to demonstrate the goodness of God in me.

I Dream another 50 years of heaIthy living, shared with a spouse, lots of family and friends.

I Dream GIRLFRIENDS of Virtue will become a catalyst that unite's women all across the globe to serve the Kingdom of God.

I am a Dreamer!

I Believe January 10, 2019


I believe in God!

I believe that all things are possible!

I walk by Faith and not by sight!

I have Faith to move mountains 

I have Faith to overcome anything!

I have Faith to do the impossible!

I believe God is Faithful, Just and Merciful!

Glorify God January 11, 2019


I Glorify God by honoring Him with love for all people.

I Glorify God by loving those who do not love me.

I Glorify God by forgiving all who have ever wronged me.

I Glorify God by not living in fear.

I Glorify God by being completely dependent upon His will.

I Glorify God by seeking His widsom at all times.

I Glorify God by professing and demonstrating his goodness, love and mercy.

Let Go and Love January 12, 2019


I Love God!

I Love myself!

I Love people!

I Live and Let go!

I forgive and forget!

I have new Grace and Mercy with each new day!

I bestow Grace and Mercy on others  everyday!

HAVE NO FEAR - January 1, 2019


This New Year shall bring me many good things.  I am honored that God has chosen me for a time such as this.  I shall live eveyday on purpose.  In everything that I do, big or small it will be done to the Glory of God.

FAITH, HOPE AND LOVE - January 2, 2019


I am a God-fearing woman who shall not be moved by the things in the natural.  I choose to be led by principles of Faith, Hope, Love, Justice and Mercy. I do not fear anything, but in everything I will honor God.

FEARLESS - January 3, 2019


I am Fearless! 

I am Free! 

I am committed to being of Service!

I do not worry about things created by mankind because I trust completely in the power and time of the Divine.

TRUST IN GOD - January 4, 2019


I trust God with all my heart!

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!

I am ready for the promotion that God has promised me!

God will never leave me or forsake me!

I will continue to seek the Kingdom of God and all of its righteousness.

A God-fearing Woman January 5, 2019


I am thankful to be alive.  

I am destined for greatness

My best days are ahead of me.

I am not worried about tomorrow.

The Lord is with me always and I have no fear.

A New Character January 6, 2019


I am Born Again!

I am made in the image of God!

I am God-fearing!

I am Intelligent!

I am Resilient!

I am Loving!

I am Faithful!

I am Reliable!

I am Influential

I am Enthusisatic!

I am Noble!

I am Diligent!

I am Spiritual!


Keep your head to the sky and your heart on God.

Keep your head to the sky and your heart on God.